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To whiten teeth, Dr. Jason Hui began employing bleaching systems when they first emerged in the early 1990s and, along with his associates, continues to do so. One system, “in-office bleaching,” must be applied in the office during which time a bleaching agent is placed over the patient’s teeth: this method is for more aggressive stains and the results are immediate, although a second visit is sometimes required. The other system, “tray bleaching,” takes about seven to ten days, and obliges patients to take home a tray, which is made from an impression of the patients’ teeth. Bleaching agents are placed in the custom-fit tray: when his clients wear this tray for a set number of hours a day, results are usually observable within a few days. The kind and intensity of stains often determine what system is best used. However, we find that the take home bleaching system always gives a better result, and more cost effective.

Bleaching systems effectively remove stains that have deepened over time with such habits as drinking coffee or wine, and smoking. Even the most pernicious stains – like those left by tetracycline consumption – may now be lightened with such systems. Most cases show that teeth will become at least two shades brighter after having completed the process, unless you have fillings or crowns on your front teeth. Although the results are permanent, with habits like the consumption of coffee, a patient’s teeth may require a touch up.

The process of whitening teeth has been around for close to one hundred years, although the bleaching process is relatively new – it is safe when monitored by your dentist. It is safe almost everyone of any age. Aside from some temporary sensitivity to cold after the bleaching, there are no long-term harmful effects to your teeth or your gums. If sensitivity persists, however, the patient is advised to contact Dr. Jason Hui or one of his colleagues.

Dr. Jason Hui and his associates are pleased to consult with his patients from Surrey, the Great Vancouver area and elsewhere about which method is preferable.